Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Continuation of My Alphabet Series

Yes, I am STILL working on that alphabet from last year! Ha, ha, and one day I will complete it. I have a few more letters done. I left off on E, so I have F, G, H, I, J ready. I made changes to the first ones I did. I had a grayish wood textured background, and I threw that out. I like the plain white better right now. Here they are. I am gonna go ahead a post the first ones too, in case you haven't seen them. Oh and I changed the C, it was cake, but now it's cupcake.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Umbrella

Here is a little something I worked on last night. I am trying to get a good collection of new work before I list anything in my shop. I am exploring new color combinations and loving the pinks right now. I have never really used pink/fuchia in my art, but its seems fresh to me. It is just an umbrella and I need to add something to it...but i don't know what. Any suggestions?

Friday, October 1, 2010

A Drawing

Hello Bloggers! Well it has been a while. I am working on opening up shop again. There is so much to be done. First, dust off printers. Second, insert ink. Third, install all needed software on laptop that was lost! O.k. that doesn't count setting up the whole office/art studio space so that its functional. It is overwhelming, but its what I love to do. I have been trying to deny my creativity b/c I want to try and contribute a steady supplemental income for my family, aint worth doing if it makes me unhappy! Plus, I think Etsy is a great place to provide just what we need. I will be doing what I love and this time I intend to put 110% in it. Meanwhile, I have done a new painting and some drawings. Drawing is so much more convenient for me to accomplish. Sketchpad, pen, and baby in playroom. I will post the painting later, but for now here is a drawing I finished. SOOOO GOOD TO BE BACK!

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