Friday, October 31, 2008

Yay! I am in a treasury!

Brave Tulip Studios

Along with the photos I bought yesterday, I also purchased one from Brave Tulip Studios. I knew I was going to purchase this photo as soon as I found it a few weeks ago. I kept going back to it in my favorites and admiring it. Finally I did, and it was even better because it was her first etsy sale! How exciting it is to get your first sale. I remember mine, omg! somebody likes my art and will actually pay me to own it! I still get excited when I look in my shop and realize I made a sale. It really is a high for me. Well I hope there is many more to come for her!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Jacqleen Bleu

Today I finally purchased some beautiful photos on etsy that have been in my favorites and I can't wait to get them in the mail so I can put them up on my walls!! Jacqleen Bleu has beautiful photography and is very talented! Here are the ones I bought. By the way, she has a special going on right now, buy one get one free!! What a deal that is, maybe I should do that in my shop. When I saw that, I got so excited and just had to buy. It's so much more fun buying sets so you can put them together on a wall.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Mini Art

So I did some retro mini art for my living room and I said I would post pics of them when I completed them. We have some not so cute couches that are a neutral color and I wanted something that would compliment them. I refuse to upgrade the furniture at this time since I have a toddler and an infant. They wouldn't be allowed in the living room if we bought the leather couches my husband wants so bad! Although I love the bright cheery art I do, its not a good fit for the look I have going in my living room. I did some rounded squares and my favorite retro flower pattern and I think they came out pretty good. In order to tone down the colors a bit, I gave them a rustic look that adds to the retro feel. These pics do not give the pieces justice, they look way cooler in person! So tell me what ya think!

Monday, October 20, 2008

My "Studio"

Well, maybe not exactly a studio, but its my arts/crafts space. Maybe one day I will rent a place in town where I live and actually have a "real job". I can dream! Either way, I am sssoooo thankful I even a have an area to put all my paint and supplies. I also get a big closet to store my canvases and paper. I love it! Before, I would have to drag everything out when I wanted to paint which limited my time and creativity. Now I can leave out what I am working on and come back any time of the day or night. In the room I have a t.v. for the girls and a little Dora couch for them to lounge in. I also have a desk with my Epson printer on it.

I just moved in so I need to really decorate a bit, my home is real plain right now. I don't have any curtains up yet and nothing on the walls. Its plain boring. I am working on some retro mini art for my living room though! I will post a pic of that when I am done. I painted that shelf to look shabby chic. It was a cheap little bookshelf that was in my daughter's room and nothing ever stayed on it, so I adopted it! I used old jars that I used for coffee and sugar in my kitchen a long time ago; I knew saving them would come in handy someday. I really do love the shabby chic style and tried to incorporate it somehow.

I didn't want to take a pic of my space when it was all nice and neat b/c that is never what it is. This is the way it looks all the time! Hope you enjoyed seeing my little corner of creativity!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Views On Etsy!

So if you have a shop on etsy, you know how everyone is wondering what is going on with low views. Well, I have wondered as well. I list something, wait..., wait..., and if I am lucky, I get one view! Does my art stink? Well, I guess so, I listed 2 paintings yesterday, and it actually got views!! Yay!! So I guess the stuff I was listing before, just wasn't eye-catching enough.

I lost my creativity for about a month. I just got a little space together in our new place. Its really an arts and crafts space for my daughter and me. I wouldnt call it a studio, because I have to share it. So, I go back to my old sketchbooks and try and get inspired. Well I have tons of flower sketches that I never really cared to paint before. So I do a few, list them, and voala!, I got some views. When I woke up and checked my shop, one painting had 95 views! I was shocked! So I guess I just needed to get back to the basics. Hopefully I keep my streak going!

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