Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My Mini Art

So I did some retro mini art for my living room and I said I would post pics of them when I completed them. We have some not so cute couches that are a neutral color and I wanted something that would compliment them. I refuse to upgrade the furniture at this time since I have a toddler and an infant. They wouldn't be allowed in the living room if we bought the leather couches my husband wants so bad! Although I love the bright cheery art I do, its not a good fit for the look I have going in my living room. I did some rounded squares and my favorite retro flower pattern and I think they came out pretty good. In order to tone down the colors a bit, I gave them a rustic look that adds to the retro feel. These pics do not give the pieces justice, they look way cooler in person! So tell me what ya think!


Jenn Ski said...

these are awsome!

Holly Bartos said...

Love them! I totally feel you on the ugly couch thing. We have an ugly hand-me-down floral couch from my grandma and a neutral one we got after we got married. I hate them both! But we're planning to get new ones fairly soon cause we just can't stand it anymore! At least you can have a little tiny bit of the living room the way you really want it, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

looking good!

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