Sunday, February 22, 2009

Almost Back...I hope!

Well it has been a crazy 2 months for me, my husband deployed and my computer crashed all around the same time! He actually got to come back home early and he surprised me by hiding in my parked car , and he jumped out when I got home with the girls! It was so awesome, a thousand pounds was lifted off my shoulders that moment I saw him. I will be picking up my computer today and I hope it works this time. I am resisting buying a new one, I am totally attached to the one I have. I have so many new paintings I am dying to show and list in my shop! I miss everyone so much!! I should be back on track in about a week if all goes well with the computer situation. I need to also catch up on reading all my favorite blogs. Thanks everyone for sticking around, I appreciate it.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pay Attention in College!

Because I didn't! I wish I cared in all my computer related classes when I was in college, but I didn't. I just did enough to get by and retained nothing. Now look at me, at the mercy of a computer geek that never shows up. So I paid to have this guy come and fix my computer and he did get it up and running but left a lot of stuff out of whack. My C drive totally maxed and all my software on it can't be opened. I can't download pics, look at videos, do digital art, but at least I can still pay bills and browse the internet. After two no shows to see what he did, I finally talked to someone that gave me some answers. Long story short, I was screwed around, they are sorry and someone ELSE is coming tomorrow to totally redo my computer! I only have to pay a difference of $40 dollars to upgrade to a four hour block so everything can be done right. Please cross your fingers that this geek is gonna show and fix my baby so I can get back to business as usual. By the way the company name is GEEKS ON SITE that's right, I said it!

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