Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pay Attention in College!

Because I didn't! I wish I cared in all my computer related classes when I was in college, but I didn't. I just did enough to get by and retained nothing. Now look at me, at the mercy of a computer geek that never shows up. So I paid to have this guy come and fix my computer and he did get it up and running but left a lot of stuff out of whack. My C drive totally maxed and all my software on it can't be opened. I can't download pics, look at videos, do digital art, but at least I can still pay bills and browse the internet. After two no shows to see what he did, I finally talked to someone that gave me some answers. Long story short, I was screwed around, they are sorry and someone ELSE is coming tomorrow to totally redo my computer! I only have to pay a difference of $40 dollars to upgrade to a four hour block so everything can be done right. Please cross your fingers that this geek is gonna show and fix my baby so I can get back to business as usual. By the way the company name is GEEKS ON SITE that's right, I said it!


alia said...

Hello there. I wasn't sure how to reach you while your shop is in vacation mode. I wanted to ask you about advertising on Jamie's blog and send you a link to a fab blog that I think you'd love. I have a giveaway there this week. I hope you are well.


sweetshorn vintage

Anonymous said...

I hope you're back soon - I miss you!!! :)

Lemongrass Studio said...

I've got the same problems with my computers. First off, you should go to to get a free virus protection program called AVG. Second, you may need to reinstall windows with your original windows disk. I was a nervous wreck to do it but it worked without deleting everything. I still get some freezing up from time to time but it's a lot better...just some ideas!

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