Monday, October 20, 2008

My "Studio"

Well, maybe not exactly a studio, but its my arts/crafts space. Maybe one day I will rent a place in town where I live and actually have a "real job". I can dream! Either way, I am sssoooo thankful I even a have an area to put all my paint and supplies. I also get a big closet to store my canvases and paper. I love it! Before, I would have to drag everything out when I wanted to paint which limited my time and creativity. Now I can leave out what I am working on and come back any time of the day or night. In the room I have a t.v. for the girls and a little Dora couch for them to lounge in. I also have a desk with my Epson printer on it.

I just moved in so I need to really decorate a bit, my home is real plain right now. I don't have any curtains up yet and nothing on the walls. Its plain boring. I am working on some retro mini art for my living room though! I will post a pic of that when I am done. I painted that shelf to look shabby chic. It was a cheap little bookshelf that was in my daughter's room and nothing ever stayed on it, so I adopted it! I used old jars that I used for coffee and sugar in my kitchen a long time ago; I knew saving them would come in handy someday. I really do love the shabby chic style and tried to incorporate it somehow.

I didn't want to take a pic of my space when it was all nice and neat b/c that is never what it is. This is the way it looks all the time! Hope you enjoyed seeing my little corner of creativity!

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Holly Bartos said...

Love that shelf. It is really nice having all the paint out where you can see what you have, huh? I need to get me an inspiration board one of these days. And what a great idea to put a tv in there for the kids. My littlest is always climbing all over me while I'm trying to paint and it doesn't work well!

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