Thursday, October 16, 2008

No Views On Etsy!

So if you have a shop on etsy, you know how everyone is wondering what is going on with low views. Well, I have wondered as well. I list something, wait..., wait..., and if I am lucky, I get one view! Does my art stink? Well, I guess so, I listed 2 paintings yesterday, and it actually got views!! Yay!! So I guess the stuff I was listing before, just wasn't eye-catching enough.

I lost my creativity for about a month. I just got a little space together in our new place. Its really an arts and crafts space for my daughter and me. I wouldnt call it a studio, because I have to share it. So, I go back to my old sketchbooks and try and get inspired. Well I have tons of flower sketches that I never really cared to paint before. So I do a few, list them, and voala!, I got some views. When I woke up and checked my shop, one painting had 95 views! I was shocked! So I guess I just needed to get back to the basics. Hopefully I keep my streak going!


Holly Bartos said...

Hi Sophia! I just realized it was probably you from Ft. Bragg looking at my blog. (It is you, right?) My bro-in-law and his family are at Ft. Bragg too. He's in the 82nd airborne, Kable Patten. Well, it's probably a huge base and highly unlikely that you know him. Love your flowers! I have had low views as well, but haven't had time to paint anything new lately. Keep it up girl! Your art is awesome!

sophiassweetspot said...

hey holly!

just trying to revive this blog i tried to start a few months ago. i am just learning and seeing what i can do to improve it. hopefully with time, it gets interesting! thats cool you have family over here! i dont know them but my husband isnt in the 82nd, he is a special forces medic. anyway thanks for checking my baby blog out! thank you!

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