Friday, December 19, 2008

Family Day

I had to take a family day yesterday. A break from painting, blogging, promoting, listing, and etsy. My husband had an unexpected day off, so we went to lunch to celebrate our FIVE year wedding anniversary! Technically, we never had a wedding. I moved to Hawaii to visit him for Christmas, and he said "You don't have to go back home." So we went and got married by a judge, and we have been together ever since. Oh...and we were never boyfriend and girlfriend before that. He was on leave in my hometown and one month later, that happened. We also took the girls to Chuck E Cheese, since kids would still be in school and it wouldn't be crazy busy. It was a fun day! So last night, when we were relaxing on the couch with our laptops ( typical night in our house) I was looking at old paintings to relist in my shop as prints. I want to stock my shop with at least one hundred items. It seems the more you have, the better you sell and it just looks more professional. I am bringing back a bunch of my favorite oldies but goodies. I will change some a bit digitally and some I will just leave alone. This particular painting is called Hippy Chic II, and it is one of my early favorites. It was actually sold locally in a coffee shop, so it was not in my shop too long. I changed the colors a bit. I wanted to give it a softer look I guess. She is for sure on the comeback list.




Anonymous said...

Aw, love at first sight! You move fast:) Chris and I moved in together after 5 months of dating, and I thought that was fast!! I'm glad it worked out for you - happy anniversary!

♥Jacqueline♥ said...

That's so sweet! The type of love people don't see everyday. Nice! That painting is very beautiful. :o) Happy Holidays!

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