Monday, December 15, 2008

Weekend Projects

Here is how they look with color on the sides.

The sides with the natural look of the wood.



This weekend was a busy one! I painted a lot, and I almost feel bad b/c I was in the art/craft room for two days straight. I had some mini art blocks to sand and get started on for an order, and I also made over a painting that was really an eye sore to me in my shop. First of all when I painted it, I was not sure about the green background at all, but went ahead and listed it in the shop to see what would happen. Well, it wasn't a total flop, it got views, but it just doesn't go and it has been bothering me for a while. I decided to change the colors not the design. Why let a whole canvas go to waste. I like the blue background better, and I thought black outlining would make it pop a bit more. I think I could still offer the print of the old version, but I am on the fence about it right now.

On to the next one! I was working on my mini art blocks and I got an idea. Would if I didn't paint the sides of the block. I was about to paint the sides and thought it kind of looked better showing the natural wood. It appealed to me more. What do you think. Does it looked just "unfinished" or does it bring a more nature like feel to the piece? I am working on a set to possibly list in order to test the waters.


Anonymous said...

I vote to leave the sides of the blocks natural. Maybe you should put a clear coat of something over it though to protect it. I am totally digging the re-vamped flower painting!! You should definitely offer it as a print as well :)

Canndy Pan said...

I like the colors!! So pretty~

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