Tuesday, January 6, 2009

SShh, Don't Tell Etsy...

But I sneaked out the back door to go take a peek at what was at...E-Bay! (gasp!) I feel like I shouldn't lurk around on "the other" site because everyone on Etsy despises it, unless they sell there too. I can't help but wonder how my art would do on the site! I have even looked up how to sell on there, but it is pretty confusing to me, not to mention costly. But would if I could be way more successful there? I doubt I would ever list anything there because I couldn't handle two shops and a blog. Anyway they have sooo many cool vintage shops there, and here a few of my faves!

Mid-Century Danish Modern Fine Art Teak Frame Eames Era

Figgjo "Daisy" Norwegian Pottery-Small Casserole Dish

Mid-Century Architectural Metal Magazine Rack Eames Era


Biba said...

Gorgeous finds, i want that magazine rack! I love Etsy but am a huge fan of eBay too, both are so valuable to me :)

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I totally just bought a magazine rack like that last summer at Goodwill! For $2!!! It was brass but I'm in the process of spray painting it brown (yeah, it got one coat last summer and now is just sitting in the garage.) BTW, I don't participate in store snobbery, so I think you should fly your ebay flag proudly!!

sophiassweetspot said...

i am super jealous! my goodwill is so lame here! everytime i have gone, there has been nothing, maybe some teacups but thats all. and thanks girls, i will fly my ebay flag proudly,lol!

Hawk said...

Yes, E___ is a lot more costly but the exposure of your product is the reason. For me, I am happy with Etsy and my progress on there. BTW--thanx for your sacrifice for our Country as a military wife. All too often you guys don't get the deserved thanx and accolades for the part that you play in keeping the homefront solid while our heroes are deployed and doing their thing.

Hawk said...
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