Thursday, March 5, 2009


I know I am just a stay at home mom, but I really look forward to Fridays! My husband is around more, and he loves to cook on the weekends. It gives us a chance to have a drink and talk while we cook together. Even though we have no family around us, we still have a good time together. Just us and our girls. We will be moving back to Texas in the summer where our family is and I can't imagine how much more fun it will be with our parents and siblings around hanging out on the weekends. Ooh and this weekend we have to plan what we are gonna do for my daughters birthday on monday, she is turning four. I can't believe it! We have been deciding whether we should try for a boy right now. I really don't want to be pregnant after thirty, so I have to hurry. I want them to be close together so they can enjoy each other. I don't even remember what it is like to not have to be changing diapers,lol! Anyway I wish everyone a happy friday and a wonderful weekend to follow! Here is a litte something I made for my daughter.


Carly said...

How lovely, I really enjoyed your post. I confess it's the personal ones I enjoy most, though obviously you have great taste and I love to see what you find as well. There's a book about how to choose/encourage the sex of your baby. Something about timing, girl sperms swim slower but last longer and boy sperms swim faster but don't have the same longevity. I also hear that men produce more male sperms as they get older. (is it inappropriate to write about sperms?)

sophiassweetspot said...

ha ha! your so funny! talk about sperms all you want,lol! i think that is really interesting what you said. i have to look into that b/c if the next one is not a boy.. well that is too bad. i don't think we want more than three. just thinking about three overwhelms me! but i do love little girls, they are fun and i can't wait to do girls stuff when they get older. thanks carly, your hilarious.

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