Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Latest Painting In The Works

Here is my latest painting that I am working on. Nothing is final with it, I am thinking of changing it somehow but I haven't decided. It is a 30"x30" size canvas, so it is kinda big! I really get impatient with the bigger pieces because I am anxious to finish them and you simply can't rush it. I sometimes work on it and put it away for a while if I get frustrated. I come back a week or two later and finally get it done.
This is going off on another subject, but I wonder if other Etsy artist ever have disasters happen to an order your about to send out. For example, I have wanted to throw my printer and paper cutter out of the window MANY times. Sometimes my printer just decides to jam or not perform normally and its always when it is down to the wire! Yesterday I cried because the craziest thing happened, and I am not surprised because everything was going a little too perfect. So I go outside to spray some acrylic sealer on some mini blocks and I come back inside to let them dry for a bit. I go back outside to get them, and a FLY had just ended his life on one of my blocks, AAAhhhhh!! It was sealed onto the block! This meant that I had to take the block resand it and repaint and reseal it!! So that is what I did. Thankfully, it looked as if it was never touched by the unlucky fly. Anyway, I hope that never happens again, but that will teach me to be careful on very windy days.


bopbopdesigns said...

It looks great!

Sorry to hear about the fly!

Jenn Ski said...

I love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Sophia, You are so amazingly talented and you inspire me. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Don't change a thing - it's perfect!!

sophiassweetspot said...

yay! i am so happy that you all like it. thank you for the great responses, your feedback is important to me always!

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