Sunday, May 2, 2010

Mommie and Lucy Sky

Hello everybody! Yes, I am still alive. I know its been a while, but you have no idea how my life has changed. God bless the mothers with three children or more because its a hard job. Everyday is a huge challenge for me, especially since I kinda spoiled my little lucy. She loves to be held! My art has been put on hold and I sure do miss it. I am just starting to get the itch to paint something. I set up a little art studio in our garage (new house), no more art room in the house. So maybe one day I can actually get a moment to myself and create. I am focusing on just getting my body back to normal along with everything else. Hope everyone is doing well, I still peek in at some of my favorite blogs and shops from time to time.


Holly Bartos of goodbloom said...

She is so gorgeous! I am right there with you on the being super busy thing...I too have 3 kids! Don't worry about the art, it'll come back around at just the right time. Good to hear from you again!

bopbopdesigns said...

Welcome back, she's beautiful! Look forward to whenever you get back to painting, love you work!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! How old is she? Absolutely beautiful. So glad to hear from you again; so much has changed in both of our lives since I heard from you last!!! Drop me an email to catch up if you ever get a chance!!!

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