Thursday, November 6, 2008

Customer Pics

I just sent off a custom order of retro mini blocks for a customer named Laurie. I have said this before, but if I could have dreamed up the perfect custom order, this would have been it! The transaction was perfect! Laurie really had great communication through the whole process, start to finish. And.... she even sent me a picture of my art hanging in her living room. She has the cutest living room ever, and I am so jealous of her awesome blue bookcase. She was so kind as to give me permission to share it with you on my blog and use it in my listings as one of the shots! I just want to say thank you Laurie, I appreciate your business as well as your kindness!


Holly Bartos said...

Those look great! I would have never thought to put art above windows like that- neat idea!

Paper Girl Productions said...

ooo wow!! This is an awesome picture capturing your work!! Your work is gorgeous! And yes, that blue shelf!! Wow! It reminds me of something from like Dr.Seuss stories..doesn't it?! So much fun!

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