Thursday, November 20, 2008

Milla Sweet's Art

Today I wanted to showcase my daughter's art because she is truly an artist that is up and coming! She is my three year old daughter and she loves to draw and paint with me. She sits here at the art table, and I have all her markers, watercolors, crayons, stickers, and paper set up by her chair so she can create when she wishes. She draws the funniest stuff and she has a story for every drawing. She continues to impress her daddy and I everday! I only wish I had the resources she has when I was her age, imagine how much better I would be if I had practiced at such an early age. She is a very smart little girl, sometimes I forget she is three. She acts more like a five year old most of the time. I can hardly wait until my other daughter turns two, so I can get her to sit and create art with me!

Happy Thanksgiving Everybody!

Milla said, "This is you mama, your jumproping!" She also went on to describe how she gave me curly hair in the drawing!


Anonymous said...

Those drawings are scary-good for a 3 year old! How cute!

Holly Bartos said...

What talent! My 5 yr old loves to paint and draw whatever I'm drawing. It's a great way to connect! My 2 yr old just draws all over the walls and floors when she get hold of a crayon- so she doesn't get them much... :)

sophiassweetspot said...

lol! i just busted my 19 mth old drawing on the wall with a red crayon she found! here i go with my mr.clean magic eraser again!

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