Monday, November 17, 2008

Wall Decal Explosion

WoW! I don't know if I am the only one barely noticing all the awesome wall decals that people sell on etsy. I probably am! I remember when I first signed up in January, there were only a few people selling vinyl wall decals. The chandelier and the scuba diver on the toilet are some of the ones I first remember seeing. Someone I was chatting with on etsy asked if I ever thought of doing wall decals of my art and I told her I don't know the first thing about making one of those. I did a search on them today and I was in awe of the variety there is now. So many shops and all of them have the cutest decals! I think they are wonderful for people who rent homes and cannot paint the walls, like me. I hate white walls only because I move so much and its not worth painting walls that I am going to have to paint white before I move again in a year. I especially need one for my bedroom, it is soooo boring in there! There are so many to choose from. The only thing I have heard that is bad about them is that once you take them off of the wall, they can't be used again. Oh well, they should still be worth it for the time being.

For The Holidays! Vintage Ornaments from SingleStoneStudios

Birds In Birdcage from SingleStoneStudios

Mod Dot Trees from MarkJamesDesign

Black Kitchen Icons from TastySuite

Funky Circles from SingleStoneStudios

Geometric Squares from BadassCustomDecals

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