Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bad Day

Upped My Meds Card by Colespic

Well today was really just a jaw-dropping kind of day. It started out great. The weather was awesome, it was kinda cool with an awesome breeze. I had lunch with the hubby because he got to come home for lunch. I got all my orders ready and packed, and all I had to do was just take them to the post office. I go with a stroller with my little one and my 3 yr old walks beside me. Well the post office was busy, but we survived the long line with snacks and toy cameras. Whew! It was time to go and we skipped all happy to the car and here it comes.... my 3 yr old just flipped her crazy switch and just made a huge scene. She refused to get in the door on my side of the car which she normally goes in. She wanted to go in through HER door!! She was screaming and yelling "no!", and carrying on. I was trying to stay calm because I don't want to be one of those parents that goes psycho in public. The ride home was her screaming and me thinking of her punishment for being so bad. She is usually a great little girl in public and I know she has her days, but it just came out of nowhere and I am in disbelief. So here I am ranting on my blog about it. So to make it a productive post, I found a card that I need to have sent to me! It is perfect, and of course, I found it on Etsy. Whoever read this whole thing, thank you for listening. I am off to go eat chocolate to numb the pain, lol!


Anonymous said...

Zoloft is my drug of choice, and I don't even have kids yet!!

Holly Bartos said...

I feel your pain! Post offices are the worst, too. I usually let my youngest run around and she likes to play with all the forms they have in a little stand. But I avoid the PO like the plague if I can.

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