Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pounce Thursday

Saba Original Collage $198

Roya Original Collage $198

Narges Original Collage $198

I just love to Pounce on Etsy, but I Pounce in the "undiscovered" shops because I remember what it was like waiting for my first sale. I try to give a little recognition to artists and crafters who have unique items, great pictures, or just plain undiscovered Etsy talent! Today as I was pouncing one shop caught my eye. The name of the shop is Behjat and the artist lives in Littleton, Colorado. Her art is beautiful and very detailed which is what I love about it. Well everyone knows I love birds, I tend to use them in my art as well. Her birds, trees, and birdcages are surrounded with intricate swirls, fabric, and little flowers. I absolutely love them! She uses paper and wraps her canvases with fabric which makes her shop unique and lovely. You can tell that she puts love in each piece because it does take time and patience to bring together all the small details she includes. Here are some of my favorites.

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