Sunday, January 18, 2009


The other night I was checking out all the blogs I follow to catch up on some reading and DeluxaNYC is first on my list so I clicked and there I was! She put a little something about me on her lovely blog. I was so excited and I couldn't believe my eyes when I was reading it! Somebody pinch me! She said the nicest most flattering things about my work that she totally made my weekend for sure. I found her blog while I was lost in blog land, she was on someone else's blog list and I checked it out. Turns out she owns a sweet little vintage shop in Brooklyn, NY that I wish I could go visit! She loves everything vintage as do I,so her blog was interesting. My favorite thing that I found on her blog is Scott Hansen! He is an awesome and talented artist. I was in awe of his work, I literally went through his entire website portfolio and was just in another world. He also is involved with music he calls Tycho and while your looking at the site, its playing the whole time. I usually mute all music and sound on sites b/c I don't like to be startled and have my girls wake up, but I really enjoyed the music. It reminded me of my "college days" if you know what I mean. If you check it out, you won't regret it, there is a ton of inspiration on his site.

Just want to give a special thank you to DeluxaNYC for including me on her blog and I look foward to discovering more great things on there!

Here is some of the work of Scott Hansen, the pictures are from DeluxaNYC's blog.


Anonymous said...

OOHH!! This is the perfect opportunity to see if she wants to strike up a deal and sell your prints in her store!!! It's obvious she digs your work. And yeah, Scott Hansen's posters are awesome!

deluxa said...

Wow, I was just catching up on your site and found Deluxa up on your site! BTW, I am totally into doing some sort of exhibit/show piece and have been meaning to contact you!

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