Thursday, January 15, 2009

Linda Solovic

Linda is a very talented artist on Etsy who has been in my favorites for a while. We just recently did a trade and it turned out great. I have done some trades in the past and thank goodness they have all been great. One could easily run into trouble doing a trade if dealing with someone who is not honest. She wanted a mohawk bird print and I liked her bird prints as well. We ended up agreeing to trade a set. She picked out her two favorites and I picked out my favorites from her shop. I gave them to my daughters to put up in their room and they loved them! My oldest who is three especially loved them. I received mine quick (thanks Linda!) and was off to send mine when my daughter asked, "which pictures are you taking to the post office?" I told her I am taking the ones I had printed on my printer and she said, "o.k. don't take the ones in my room because I need them!" How cute is she? These two were the ones that I had to have from her lovely shop. Thank You Linda!

Blooming Buddies-Bubble Flowers and Trixie the Bird

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Holly Bartos of goodbloom said...

I am pretty sure Linda is in my favorites too! She has some really neat stuff. Great idea on trading! I'll have to remember that when I start redoing some of the rooms in my house!

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