Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Is For Apple

I really wasn't up for painting yesterday, so I just played around on the computer most of the time. Yes, the apple has been done a gazillion times, I know this, but I couldn't resist!! Don't hold it against me, please. What happened was I did an elephant, yes, very trendy as well, but it looks really cool, I promise!! I can't show it until I come up with the letter C and D though. I don't want to do animals other than the elephant if I can help it. I am in no rush to get through the alphabet, so this will be an ongoing project I can work on when I just don't feel like painting and I have time to myself.


Anonymous said...

The apple is adorable. I don't care how many times it's been done.

How about doing the alphabet in food? (Candy, Donut, French fry... can you tell I'm a hungry pregnant lady??!) I would totally hang something like that in my new kitchen :)

Carly Morris said...

I think it's awesome. Jim would say something about postmodernism-it's all been done right?

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