Thursday, June 4, 2009

Just My Style

Everyone knows that I have a love for midcentury modern design and mostly anything vintage, but I also love a little bit of shabby chic thrown in the mix sometimes. I love the feminine quality it brings to a room, and the lived in cozy feeling it portrays. I also think I love it because when I was a little girl I wished for a lacy, fluffy, pink, girly room, and I was never able to have that. I found a group of flickr photos from Tammy Manets "Home and Garden Inspiration" set in her photostream and I found some pictures that encompass just how much modern and shabby chic go together. All these rooms are beautiful and even though I love shabby chic, I don't like the "I am at my grandmas house" kinda shabby chic look, but just enough to get my point across. I guess what i mean is " a little shabby chic goes a long way". I still like to keep the whole look clean and simple.


Lushpad said...

I like the green and white couch against the blue wall. Very nice! said...

i like the blue wallpaper


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